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React + Redux Boilerplate for a quick start

It is pretty common to keep adding stuff to your stack when developing React applications. Most of the time you simply start with Webpack, create your first components and just make them work to complete your app's purpose.

In my first React apps I didn't make use of Redux or the Flux approach at all, and it was pretty common to see this.state and this.setState() everywhere.

Now Redux is the sauce to my tacos

Then you wonder how to run unit testing against your components and, hey! there's also this modern approach for styling called CSS modules to get rid of global styles... and behind the clouds you can see... hold on!

Well, there is too much noise out there with a lot of options to do a lot of stuff. I decided to share my approach of how I develop React apps with this quick start boilerplate.

It will work out of the box without getting too fancy, from there you can add and do whatever you want but remember that the main goal is to develop cool stuff and not collect a huge stack of npm dependencies just to realize you don't need them.

This React + Redux boilerplate handles...

  • Components modularity
  • CSS modules to get rid of problematic global styles
  • Unit testing with Jest and Enzyme
  • Webpack dev server with hot reloading
  • Cool state management using Redux

Hope this helps anyone who wants to just get started. Anyway, you should study and understand every item and concept from the stack, that would be helpful in case you need to extend or modify anything for your use case.

The sun is up, I'd like some tacos and this post is over.